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PUBLIC VOICE Lab turns research into results

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is a free software co-op. Our mission is to support internet and media professionals by using and maintaining free software. Applying the co-op model, we are providing services in close co-operation with our members.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab stresses user-friendly mediation and representative implementation of its solutions. Serving a research and customer network of more than 100 partners and members, PUBLIC VOICE Lab is grounded with interdisciplinary competence and driven by market forces.

Within international research projects, PUBLIC VOICE Lab focuses on moderation of users and developers in all phases of a project, starting with user requirements, during development reviews and ending up with demonstration and successful exploitation activities.

Together with our members and partners we develop open source software, create innovative multi-media content, work out marketing concepts, organise media events and participate in media art festivals and international standardisation activities.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is a member of:

Oesterreichischer Genossenschaftsverband Schulze-Delitzsch
SPIN Open Source, co-ordinated by Wirtschaftskammer Wien
Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
Konsortium Netzkultur
Community Media Cluster Vienna
IG Kultur
The World of NGOs
Vienna Backbone Service
The IEEE VoiceXML Forum
W3C Annotation Working Group
Kompetenznetzwerk Mediengestaltung

We fulfill the Austrian Corporate Governance Kodex for co-ops (System Schulze-Delitzsch).

In August 2005, the management board has decided to start an ISO-9001 audit process for the co-op's business processes.