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Legal rules and guidelines

We are committed to share results in an open society. Using, developing and distributing Free Software has taught us a new paradigm of building networks and businesses. Our approach is documented in the book Open Source Initiative Vorarlberg.


All our software and content products are being shared using GPL or Creative Commons licenses.
We are currently observing the development of aEuropean Open Source License, which behaves like GPL, but fixes some legal flaws in the European legal system.
In future, we may be offering a fiduciary license model to our co-op members, to to make PVL their fiduciary for all legal issues.

We have been also supporting the adaption of the Austrian Creative Commons licenses in co-operation with the Institut für Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software.

General terms and conditions

For doing business with us, we have summarised the rules in the document 'General Terms of Business and Delivery'.

Statutes of the International Media Co-op can be found in the co-op section.

Registered brand names

PUBLIC VOICE Lab (W AT 228826)
PublicVoiceXML (W AT 207141)