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Free Software Co-op

Our partners don't simply make contracts and our customers are not just clients. We intend our relations to be more than that: we co-operate.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is Europe's first software and media lab to be organised as a co-op on a legal level. PUBLIC VOICE Lab's full legal name is "Internationaler Medienverbund reg. Gen. m.b.H." Our relationships to our partners are governed by the Genossenschaftsverband Schulze-Delitzsch, which is part of the Volksbanken group.

As of 2005, we have more than 25 co-op members, among those are
  • software houses
  • consultants
  • radio stations
  • media designers 
  • Free Software experts
- all of them may benefit from our joint marketing and sales platform or are partners in common  R&D projects. Long-lasting relationships are established through our statutes, which provide all co-op members with the right to vote at the general assembly meeting.

You are encouraged to apply for becoming a co-op member. Co-op membership starts at EUR 100.- (EUR 300.- for companies). We do  not charge a membership fee but usually take a management role in joint projects. Co-op members have the right to participate in our decision-making process and they have access premium services, such as invitation to EC funded projects. The share's relation to the voting procedure is strictly limited. This ensures that big shareholders' rights are limited and minorities are encouraged. The organisation's rules are described in the co-op's statutes.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab's media co-op's premium services include:

  • copyright and copyleft consulting
  • streaming alliance
  • StreamOnTheFly node network access
  • joint call for research proposals;
  • support for radio frequency network establishment
  • in-house expert exchange
  • support F/OSS and Open Content projects
Talk to us if you want to become a co-op member!