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PUBLIC VOICE Lab has been working for several years with key research and industry partners to develop enterprise-grade products for small and medium businesses. Thus we can offer a diverse product family of powerful and easy-to-use online and offline-tools which enable the improvement of communication by different means of service applications.

We are in the unique position of being able to swiftly and efficiently put the results of our vast research activities into practice. Our team is highly flexible and always able to offer you the best available technology.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is not bound to specific products. We are solution providers, talk to us and we will come up with a suggestion or recommendation that fits your particular needs best.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab has always been committed to the development of its software in the Open Source realm, not only since it is being hyped, but since our foundation in 1994. Open source gives you much more power over the products you are paying for. So why accept being tied to certain products? With our products, it is your choice who takes care of your IT-solutions.