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Making creative work available

The Open Source movement has developed new concepts and business models based on co-operative ownership of software. The same paradigm shift, which has its roots in Europe, is happening now with content, whereby some 50 million creative works are now licensed under CC.  Communities of open content have always existed in cultural heritage media and many AV producers are open towards alternate licensing.
The advent of new forms of media production (blogs, Vlog, podCasting) are challenging traditional copyright concepts.
Networked AV systems need to reflect present heterogeneous copyright environments to lower market entry barriers for content producers and distributors.  The Hybrid Copyright NoE sets out as its key objectives, to re-enable a horizontal media market  and boost the exchange of (personal) broadband content.
Together with our customers, we look at the patterns of preferences and prevailing practices to protect content or publish it with only some rights reserved. We develop sustainable business models, and offer value added services. A copyright clearing and content registration service will be available soon.