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F/OSS Solutions

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is your premium partner for Open Source  projects with sophisticated requirements.

We provide custom development for your specific needs. Our co-op members are experienced in web applications, community services, telephony applications, and programming that fits our portfolio.

All of our software - including custom development - is provided under an OSI-approved license. Mostly, we will work with the GNU General Public License.


Fairly easy and straightforwardly! When you ask us to program software for you, we develop a code framework that will be released under the GPL and everyone can use it. And, that's the point, for this basic development we charge PUBLIC VOICE Lab's internal costs only. Secondly, you can split the basic costs with more partners so that the basic development costs will be divided between four or even ten partners.

However, this code framework is not an adapted and fully working version for your specific needs. Therefore, we give you consulting assistance to implement these needs. As the code is free software, you might very well benefit from developments within the Free Software Community. That's our model and we believe that it is the one from which you profit most when developing software!

Quality Assurance

Any Software Product, which is delivered to customers, is beeing checked by annother co-op member to minimize the possibility of errors. This step of quality development is only possible in a co-op. By using this four-eyes-principle we reach a unique selling point for reliable solutions.