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F/OSS Migration

PUBLIC VOICE Lab offers migration of all IT-services including desktop office set-up.

In cooperation with a co-op member we assist you in making the right decision which hardware best suits your demands, we guide you through the first draft of a web-page to the final design, we take care of your IT hardware and react immediately if you encounter difficulties, we develop and program specific software components to consolidate your software pile, and we host your services, ranging from a simply website to more sophisticated services such as media streaming or telephony.


The Co-op develops Free Software. This is our mission, irrevocably associated with PUBLIC VOICE Lab. And we're not committed to Free Software because it is cheap or cool, we are committed to Free Software because it is simply better. We want to provide you with the same functionalities as Microsoft's office and exchange tools, but with the robustness and adaptability of our Free Software products. Here is a list of products that we offer:

  • Content Management System
  • Double-entry accounting
  • Router, gateway, firewall
  • E-mail server
  • User and account management
  • (Group) calendar functionality
  • File and document server
  • Communication server

We will discuss your company's expectations and requirements and we will come up with a solution that gives your office the highest degree of IT autonomy.