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VoiceXML is the new lingua franca for telephony applications. All major players in this area are supporting the new standard. The VoiceXML Forum does an extremely efficient job when promoting it. In 2002, we have taken the challenge to offer an Free Software version of a VoiceXML implementation, named publicVoiceXML.


PublicVoiceXML is both, the name of a software package and the name of a trial project with European community radios, who have been evaluating VoiceXML technology through their umbrella organisation AMARC. Some of them, such as Vienna's community radio station Orange 94.0, have contributed to the user requirements phase and have been integrating VoiceXML into their content management and archiving system. PUBLIC VOICE Lab is the co-ordinator of this trial project, which started on March 1st 2002 and was lasting until August 2003. This trial activity was partially supported by the Information Society Technology Program of the European Commission as one out of seven Free Software lead projects.


Our objective was to provide a European showcase building business relations to the international telephony industry with Free Software. Within this project, we had customised a state-of-the-art software tool in close and intense co-operation with real users (several radio stations), stress tested it and passed a conformance test before publishing it to open source community.

Technical approach

PublicVoiceXML is an Free Software toolkit for developing voice services. Using the VoiceXML 2.0 standard, phone based applications can be easily built and connected to web or database services.

The publicVoiceXML toolkit provides the following human interaction:

  • Output of audio files and synthesized speech (text-to-speech).
  • Recognition of DTMF input.
  • Control of telephony features such as call transfer and disconnect.
  • Direction of the call flow based on user input

PUBLIC VOICE LabĀ“s involvement

PUBLIC VOICE Lab was the project co-ordinator in this project as it has most expertise with the management EU funded projects. Being also a technological partner, PUBLIC VOICE Lab was responsible for the successful programming of the publicVoiceXML-browser, which was mostly done by an Indian software developer. Further, we are very active in the dissemination of VoiceXML and you will find us at many national and international events. For information where you can meet us next, please contact Roland Alton-Scheidl.

We are now offering customised IVR solutions, based on PublicVoiceXML and Asterisk technology.