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tOSSad: Europe fosters Open Source Software

In March 2005 the EC-funded project tOSSad (towards Open Source Software adoption and dissemination) started with a kick-off-meeting in Istanbul. For the next two years PUBLIC VOICE Lab will work together with partners from Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Malta, Norway, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The main objective of the tOSSad project is to start integrating and exploiting already formed methodologies, strategies, skills and technologies in F/OSS domain in order to help governmental bodies, educational institutions and SMEs to share research results, establish synergies, build partnerships and innovate in an enlarged Europe. F/OSS communities throughout Europe will achieve better results through co-ordination of their research activities/programmes that reflect the current state-of-the-art.

More precisely, the tOSSad project aims at improving the outcomes of the F/OSS communities  through supporting the coordination and networking of these communities by means of state-of-the-art studies, national program initiations, usability cases, curriculum development and implementation of a collaborative information portal and web-based groupware.

The tOSSad projects is one of the first EU projects that produces its reports licensed under internationally standardized licenses: Creative Commons.

Creative Commons defines the spectrum of possibilities between full copyright — (all rights reserved) and the public domain — (no rights reserved). CC licenses help you to keep your copyright while allowing certain uses of your work — with a “some rights reserved” status.

Roland Alton-Scheidl and Georg Pleger have been keyplayers of Creative Commons Austria right from the beginning in 2003. Now the CC concepts have reached international acceptance: At the Prix Ars Electronica 2004 CC International was awarded with the Golden Nica in the category Net Vision.

The other partners of Creative Commons Austria are the Austrian Computer Society (OCG), Tiroler Bildungsservice, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg, newthinking network and Zukunftszentrum Tirol.