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3rd SC Meeting Istanbul

From the 22-25 February projectpartners of tOSSad met for the third steering commitee meeting in Istanbul at Bilgi University to discuss and present already achieved outcomes of the project and define the shedule for the second year of tOSSad.
tOSSad partners have gathered in İstanbul, the cradle of civilizations for the 3rd Steering Committee meeting on 23rd of February. In this project meeting, the first year events and their timings were discussed. In the morning, Kaan Erkan and Görkem Çetin presented the current situation of tOSSad and offered corrective actions for WP-related concerns. In the afternoon, each WP leader presented their workpackages, together with task analysis, deliverable status, current problems and upcoming deadlines.

FOSS Days 2006
At the same time the FOSS Days 2006 were held, one of the largest F/OSS event in Turkey. It is organized by Istanbul Bilgi University. tOSSad partners had a presentation at 'FOSS Days 2006' event in Istanbul, between 24-25 March, 2006. The session on tOSSad was scheduled at a prominent place being the first keynote session. Each Workpackage representative has briefly mentioned objectives, tasks and deliverables.
tOSSad panel has attracted a lot of open source evangelists, academicians, students and SMEs. tOSSad session has lasted for roughly one hour, and 15 minutes have been devoted to questions. Speakers were Kaan Erkan (introduction), Julia Velkova (WP1), Bülent Özel (WP2), Sandra Frings (WP3), Al Harris (WP4) and
Görkem Çetin (WP5).

At the FOSS days Public Voice Lab presented its efforts in Creative Commons Austria and projects realised under Creative Commons. The presentation took place in a plenary session together with CC Bulgaria and an initiative to establish CC Turkey.

Street Dissemination

Street Dissemination is made up of direct communication at public
places. In doing “Street Dissemination” we tried to catch the spirit of